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The other day looking outside I noticed
the wind blustering and blowing
as the rain poured down in many directions
and the darkened clouds
cracked the skies with thunderous roars.
Then all of a sudden
the hail came
pounding and pounding with loud earthen noise.
I watched it from the warmth and protection of the window
feeling thankful that I was inside and not out
as I heard the roar upon rooftop
tumbling onto brown green grass
turning into tiny balls of white.
The force of the wind gave the trees no choice
but to let go of the leaves that were once hanging
the beauty of glorious reds and yellows
tranforming limbs empty… barren
as the colors
now carpeted the wet and white ground.
I was in awe of the moment… time of day and season
and gently reminded of the many things
we have to be thankful for.

Remembering that:
a time for hunkering down and finding solace in a warm room.
a steaming cup of tea.
a good book.
a phone call with a friend.
a pot of soup on the stove.
a nice glass of wine.
a hand written letter.

a time for dying leaves and empty trees.
the entrance into a time for giving thanks
for loved ones near and far.
fall is…
the invitation for
Thanksgiving to come and walk alongside us
as families
share food and festivities
and dishes pretty with goblets shining and steaming cups of coffee.

where pumpkin pie with real whipping cream is
the dessert of the day
and magical moments where children and old ones
mingle and visit
in the midst of meaningful conversations
and we give thanks that we can do that this year
for we know
next year could be different.

a time for giving thanks
for hot flames of fire dancing within the fireplace
and the Love of a God who reaches down
to save us from ourselves.
for hope given to a world lost without it.
for life and breath and love and dying.

Just as the leaves let go of the limb that holds them
we must let go of our stubbornness of heart
and remember to give thanks with a grateful heart
to the one who gives us choice.
For life and love and liberty
and health of spirit too.
where knees bent and hands folded
express sincerity
from a place deep within us
to the one who
holds us close and restores our souls
like empty tree limbs.
is a time for remembering
who we give thanks to and why.
is something special for us all.
I pray we take time to give thanks.