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Well it is so nice to know I can plant the flowers we bought now that the world did not end.
I look forward to creating the colorful look while the birds make their nests preparing for a new family.
Soon the courtyard will be welcoming and inviting us out for dinners on the round table as the little white lights reflect off the fence line and the fountain bubbles and falls with its fresh water sound.
The courtyard has many memories for us, good and bad.
A memorial service for my sisters husband while she was on hospice.
Remembering the songs we sang to the guitar played by the hospice chaplain.
Remembering the family parties and the children playing on trikes and throwing kong’s for Emma my dog.
It won’t be long till we can enjoy strawberries and blueberries freshly picked for a breakfast shared. 
 The sun is very hot on the back side of our home and the courtyard is something we can enjoy in the evenings or the cool of the early morning.
I welcome the sun after a long season of rain and clouds and windy weather.
Perhaps we can even plant our garden for fresh vegetables are the best.
I am feeling hopeful and although someday I want to see the Lord and Heaven and all that is there waiting for us.
 I just wasn’t quite ready this time for it all to end.