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The other day I met with a friend of mine and after talking for an hour or so she leaned into the table and said to me:
“Have you ever thought of speaking at a ladies gathering?
You have so much to share and you say it so eloquently in a way that others can feel and see the story you are telling.”
I paused and took a deep breath and replied,
“I would really have to know that is what God wanted me to do,
it is nothing that I would pursue on my own.”
Believing in oneself is the beginning of a new challenge
and at this point my own ‘belief’ is not that strong.
It was hard for me to grasp that (i) would have anything to share.
When the above quote was found
it was as if I heard a quiet gentle whisper saying to me.
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”
Oh that my confidence would be as as strong as my friends sitting across the table from me.
She said she was encouraged by my words.
She wrote me a note later in the afternoon and shared that she told her husband she felt SO blessed to have taken time with me at lunch that day.
It is hard for me to take in.
Hard for me to imagine that (i) could share part of my life’s story and others listening to it
would be blessed through my process of sharing.
Perhaps it is time to look ‘fear’ and disbelief in myself in the face and learn to say:
With God’s help i can do it.
(the little i means the attention is not focused on me).
The challenge remains for me to follow through with what my friend asked me to think about.
You gain strength, courage and confidence by taking one step at a time.
Will (i) someday be able to take that small step of faith?
Can you?
Is there something challenging you these days?
Do you need the step of faith to do it?