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Almost three years ago this blog began as an idea and a hope.
At first I was not sure what to do or how to do it or even what a blog was supposed to be like.
So in the process of beginning I google searched christian blogs.
I read several and thought to myself.
I can do that.
My first blog post was about a face book post that I had placed and the next day other thoughts came to me and the next thing I knew there was my first month of writing posted and in place on my new blog site.
Each blog was a struggle to find words that sounded good and how to form them into a thought and then how to present that thought to an ‘audience’ of a few.
It has been a journey of discovering who I am as a writer and what kind of topics that are good to write about and also who are my readers. At first there were only a few as the blog was set in a private mode.
Fearful of exposure and the ‘world’ out there in a private mode it felt safer to write and not worry about who was reading my words.
What I am getting from this book of Charles Swindoll’s when we write,
“We open ourselves up and become a vessel. A tool.
A teacher. A storyteller.”
Oh there are many stories to tell.
The first year was full of grief and loss and I wrote from a heart that was broken.
Bringing forward the well of sorrow and sadness and sharing those thoughts on paper.
My mom in law was dying of pancreatic cancer.
My life was deeply shaken and the only thing I could do at the time was write.
In the book I am reading he says, “saying it well is very important”.
A few weeks ago Jeff Goins in his challenge for writers said, “writers should be transparent and open, if it moves you to tears it will move your readers too.”
One of the first stories I told openly was the story of my sisters recovery from deaths door to life.
It was not easy to go back to that place of deep fatigue and exhaustion but the Lord pushed me on and said ‘the story needs to be shared’.
If you haven’t read it yet go back a few blog writings and you will find it as a guest post I just finished for Jeff Goins ‘wrecked’ series.
Charles Swindoll said we need to write our message.
Our story.
From our genuine from the heart authentic ‘self’.
As the journey continues I will always write from my heart.