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Friendships are gifts we give ourselves.
I have many long-term friends who have been in our lives for years.
They know us, but sometimes we have many months where we don’t talk or share.
It is ok, we still care deeply, and life gets busy.
As we age, we see the hardship of an older body. We watch others navigate crisis moments.
They show us how to be strong and flexible.
Of course, we also pray fervently for them, to recover.
Life is full of moments that catch us off guard.
A heart issue, an accident, a diagnosis we didn’t want to hear about.
Then we also have the good parts of friendship where we can lift each other up.
I value friendships and because my belief is if you are in my life, I want to make it good.
Life is too short for wasted moments.
The other day I was home, and a call came in from a longtime friend who I went to high school with many years ago.
They were in our area and wanted to come visit. It was a pleasant surprise, and I valued their idea to come visit.
What a great afternoon. My husband was not home but we visited anyway.
I was in her wedding, and we actually went to junior high together then moved to the high school.
She is the social butterfly of our ‘circle’. I am not. She convinced me to go to our 25th high school reunion.
I want to say it was boring and NOT my cup of tea. I knew no one and I wanted to go home and get in my bed.
I am by nature a loner. I like solitude and quiet.
I value this friend and even though we are not alike we are alike spiritually, and we do care for each other.
When I think of Jesus and the circle of friends who he spent time with, he showed us the example of sharing with others.
I think the gift we give to each other is treasured, and sacred.
Friendships are gifts we give ourselves.