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The Friday writing topic is friends.
You write with no editing for five minutes and then push publish.
I was not available to write on Friday so I am doing the assignment on Saturday.
I have a good friend who has been with me, alongside me and is always an encouragement to me.
We met one year when our boys were little and she was new to the church I was attending and I invited her and her boys to a vacation bible school.
Then later on we went to Bible study fellowship together and it was good.
We have known each other about thirty years now and it has been a sweet relationship that continues on through good times and through bad.
She was with me when my sister was on hospice and very ill.
I was with her when her husband died and she needed a friend and a listening ear.
We have grown in friendship and aged together.
She even met her new ‘hubby’ with my help.
I will always treasure her and value her and thank God that he allowed me to be her friend.
Our boys are older now and time is moving us all near retirement age.
We each have grand children and share with each other those wonderful ‘child’ moments.
We each have a love for a good glass of wine together and browsing antique stores.
I will always be thankful for my best friend.
I don’t get to see her as often as I would like but I know we both have a special place in our hearts for each other and for that I remain thankful.
It is one of those relationships that you can not see each other for a long time and then meet and it is like you have always been together sharing as if time has not passed us.
My good friend Debbie, and I at dad O’s memorial service.