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The intentional gift of friendship is something we don’t often give ourselves.
Sometimes it happens without a plan when we meet someone new.
Sometimes it happens as we allow the phone calls and visits to encourage our new friendship.
It was a bible study I believe which brought us together. She came in and sat by me.
She was wanting a group to join and reached out with questions and commitment to the study.
It has been over thirty six years since that first day in church.
In the beginning we grew in friendship as our children would play together and we would chat over coffee.
Our sons were close in age, and they would often play cops and robbers and shoot with their imaginary guns as they ran around her basement or back yard.
Her boys always thought it was funny that my son would only shoot at the sky.
I told him never to point at someone, so he pointed upward at the ceiling.
We still laugh at that one, especially when he became a police officer.
Our friendship grew and we not only encouraged each other but prayed for each other and it was good.
There was a season in time where we moved away to different cities and time separated us.
Then the day came when we saw each other again, in the same city and eventually in the same neighborhood.
It was as if no time was lost between us.
Then the day came when her husband passed away. Our long time friend, her long time companion.
Her life changed on that day, it was very sad and life altering for her.
Many Friday nights I would drive over to her home and we would sit together and share.
Through the hard times and the good times, our friendship grew stronger.
Our friendship is a gift we unwrap every time we get together. It is intentional. It is beautiful.
After years of being alone, filled with lots of prayers and tears, the day came when LOVE found her again.
It is amazing and it is what God wanted for her, to be happy, safe and in peace.
We don’t live in the same neighborhood anymore, it is a long drive to visit the very beautiful home they have made together. The drive is intentional. Just like our friendship.
Miles cannot separate us, phone calls that take hours along with handwritten cards in the mail sent with words that say, “I’m thinking of you”, keep our friendship alive and special.
That is the gift of a real friendship. I will always love and value the times we have spent together.
It is always sealed in prayer and encouragement, in hope and in respect.
God designed us to have a heart for each other. I am blessed to have this very special friend in my life.
I am thankful each day and today is her birthday, so my wish for her is; may you have many more.
I send my love to you, Debbie on this very special day of yours. Happy birthday.