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The word for today is open.
You write for five minutes with little editing and deep thought.
Random writing about the word open…
it is deep and wide and we can do this.

With arms open wide… and hearts ready to receive we ‘open’ ourselves to what the Lord can do for and with us.
He is strength and song. he is our salvation and he is OUR God and our father.
We will praise him and extol him… worship and proclaim his love to all who will hear, and all who will listen with an open attitude and a willing heart.
We stand in silence ready to receive.
We raise our hands to worship. To give honor.
To adore and thank our Lord God.
When we are open we are ready to accept, we are ready to find something new and exciting.
The doors are not shut to our hearts, or spirits or emotions.
With arms open wide.
We wait with anticipation to receive of ‘our Lords’ gift to us.