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Joining Friday’s community.
Write for five minutes without editing.

I listen closely as the words were softly said to me.
It was a strain and a stretch my ears could not hear the hushed tones spoken from another.
Since I had the mumps a few years ago one of my ears does not hear as well as it is used to.
Often times words are missed.
Yet in this frustration the quiet and the hushed tones are a gift to me sometimes even without me knowing it.
Moving away from the loud voices surrounding our world the quiet is nice, refreshing…delightful at times.
It is very similar when one is walking outside among the rustling of the leaves in the wind or as I walk near the waves of the ocean on the sandy beach. 
They each have a whisper to them bringing life and hope.
I call it a voice of their own.
Hushed tones are often private.
Not meant for everyone to hear.
Whispers in secret even God did that to a few who followed closely.
Whisper ~ it is a gentle soft word.
Not loud. Not intrusive. Not invading one’s space like loud noises.
Shh ~~ there was the horse whisperer, the dog whisperer, a baby whisperer.
Shall we include a ‘Holy Spirit’ whisperer to the quiet places in our heart?
I listen closely to the soft words spoken to me and I lean in to listen.
Then I know what was missed the first time and I tune my ears to what is needed to hear.