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The word for the day is TRY, there are many directions I could go with this one little three lettered word.
I remember as our children were growing up, they would get frustrated in doing something and I would say to them, “you just need to try” and soon they mastered the frustrating moment.
It is pushing oneself to do more, to do better, to risk and maybe move from your comfort zone.
To ride that bike and do it well, to dive in that water, to step foot in a plane for the first time, to learn to hike rough terrain or climb into a hot air balloon. (No I have not done that)
To write that first blog post and push publish.
To try it and to take a risk and force yourself to step in to place you have never been before.
In seven days we are heading off to our ‘favorite canoe trip.’
Four days away from noise, and words, and internet and hot showers as I like them and my favorite bed and my kitties and my comfort zone and place of safety.
The first time we were planning on going I didn’t want to.
I strongly dislike camping. I was afraid of the water.
I was not knowing what we would do in a canoe all day long.
It was not looking like any thing I would enjoy.
My husband said, “just try it.”
So we went on our first trip and you know what? I enjoyed it a lot.
I forced myself to ‘try’ something new.
I so enjoyed seeing the outdoors and feeling the wind and warmth and watching the birds fly over our heads.
I so enjoyed hearing the lapping of the water when we moved the canoe with our oars.
I sat in the quiet and felt blessed and full of peace.

I told myself it would be a new adventure and it would be an experience I could write about.
The word try is challenging.
Anytime we do something new we have a choice.
The big decision is whether we will try to do it with a good attitude.