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Here we are again on a Friday with a word prompt to write about.
The one chosen for this day is relatively easy for me.
The goal is to write for five minutes with no editing and no over thinking.
Ever sense I was a little girl I played mostly alone.
It was my safe spot, a quiet happy little place for me and my dolls or books or later on my music when I became a teenager and my room was my ‘hiding place’.
I am by nature someone who thrives on and must have ‘alone time.’
It is nice to be with others but the quiet of being alone is healing to one’s soul and spirit.
When my husband is gone it is totally alright for me to be alone for a few days.
Night time is still a bit of an issue just because it’s night, and dark and things magnify themselves in the shadows of the night.
Imagination can move quickly in the dark of the night.
I enjoy my alone time. It is a must for me.
When I start to feel frustrated or irritable too much or too often I think of and ask the question,
have I had any alone time lately?
Alone… says it is to be isolated from others.
separate and a part from others, without aide or help.
When I am alone I enjoy the peace but I also know that I don’t want this time to be permanent.
I also enjoy the company of others.
What are your thoughts and feelings about being alone?