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Fear: says it is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger.
To feel apprehensive or uneasy.
We have all had those moments of fear.
Where your heart pounds, and your emotions go all crazy and you are on high alert, I had that intense feeling one time when someone came to my front door.
As a rule I do not open the front door when my husband is not home.
On this day, it was clear to me there was a man outside the door and he was knocking and I was beginning to feel the anxiety and the fear of his hard pounding on the door.
He rang the door bell and then I could tell he was trying to talk to me as I stood right close on the the other side of the front door. 
I waited and watched for the knob to turn telling me he might be trying to come in, I could feel my heart pounding and the ‘fear’ rising within me.
As he kept talking outside the door, I ignored the words garbled through a metal thickness.
Feeling somewhat safe but also feeling very anxious as I wished for him to leave. 
Earlier in the day I had gone shopping and apparently shut the door before taking my keys out of the key holes. He apparently was trying to tell me the keys were still in the door.
After I figured that out, I realized my false ‘feeling of safety’ and my real fear of him walking in.
When we are really fearful we must trust in the process and stay calm, because sometimes the problem is bigger or different than we can even imagine. 
It is distressing, yes, it is a feeling of uneasy emotions. 
Fear, just the mention of the word brings feelings and emotions. 
This week I heard of my oldest grand daughter going to the river and swimming without anyone knowing about it, not a wise thing to do for a teenager. 
Immediately I felt fear for her, for us and for the potential dangerous situation.
We had no idea she was even near a river and we didn’t even know who she was with.
I called her mom and told her I was fearful of this situation and upset that we didn’t know.
I have to trust in the process of letting go and yet I also have to know my fears are real for her.
The word for the day is Fear: “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” ~ Psalm 56:3 ~
Sometimes that is the only thing we can do in this very dangerous world we live in.