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You write for five minutes with no editing.
starting now:
Belong: says- it is to be bound to
by the ties of affection, dependence or allegiance.
Appropriately placed, in relation of or to a member.
Belong: I can say after forty years of being married to my husband.
I belong to him and he belongs to me.
It is an attachment, a tie of affection and a way of life together.
Not only because we choose to be that way but because we belong together until death parts us.
Family is that way.
United because of affection, dependence or allegiance.
Standing up for each other and saying, “I am here for you.”
We belong to each other because we are related.
We have the same genetics, the same data in our system that says ‘we are family’.
I see pictures of myself at times and see parts of my mother.
It is hard to deal with sometimes but it is what it is.
My husband often says,
“when I miss my dad all I have to do is look in the mirror
and I can see him.”
Related and belonging.
His brothers all look alike, you can tell they come
from the same parents.
Belonging to each other.
To be bound to…
because we choose it.
an unedited writing for the week. with no over thinking.