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The word for the day is Same.
On this September 11th… the day we all remember in history as horrific and horrible.
We will never be the same as we were then.
In fact on many levels we are worse.
Our laws are changing. Our leaders are not as strong or patriotic.
I don’t feel the same pride we all had in our United States of America.
It is sad. It is remorseful. We need repentance and hope.
I am fearful for our freedoms and our ability to choose for ourselves.
This climate of removing our ‘laws’ and traditions and moving away from
God and his mercy.
It is dangerous. It is and can be scary.
Those who hope in the Lord and trust in his provision know we have hope.
But it is still very unsettling to see all that is going on and with another election two years away from now, a lot of things can take place that we might not like.
Or want or believe in.
We must remain strong and remain patriotic and proud.
Our flag will fly and bring freedoms to us.
Our USA is amazing and good and wealthy and can be deep down spiritual.
Let us hold onto to our ‘truths’… and may God continue to Bless America land that we love.

cross and sky from heart and soul reflections