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The word for the day is: Hope
I have a deep appreciation for this word.
Without it, we despair and we anguish over what is taking place without anything better changing for us.
Hope gives a refreshment.
The Bible says: Hope deferred makes a heart faint.
That means when we make it wait and wait with no idea of change we get sad.
Hope: the Spanish version is Esperansa.
We used to have a patient who came into the pharmacy where I worked and her name was Hope. I always loved it and when I asked her the Spanish version it was so pretty when she said it with her beautiful accent. says: it is expectation – the feeling that what is wanted can be had and or event’s will turn out for the best.
I can certainly relate to that one after watching my husband go through a full knee replacement recently.
The expectation that he would be able to walk without pain and to exercise without deep distress.
It was a trust issue and also an expectancy on our part to see ‘how he would feel’ after the recovery process.
It has not disappointed us.
Sometimes the hope it takes for us to receive what we have been waiting and longing for is our ‘reward.’
We hope our children will turn out to be ‘good citizen’s and great parents’.
We hope our health will hold up till our retirement days so we can travel and do fun activities.
We hope our money will hold out so we can be free from anxiety and worry and do all that we ‘hope’ to do.
So much to hope for, may our heart’s not become faint as we wait to see what is a head of us.
Hope is also my ‘word’ for the year.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12