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The word prompt for the day is another easy one that fits right into our ‘week’ very well.
The word chosen is ‘Morning.’
Tomorrow morning we will get up and get ready to go to one more memorial service for one more friend who passed away.
It can be termed as MOURNING in the Morning.
Yes, same word two different spellings and two different meanings.
It is very sad to think that she is gone. No longer here, but in Heaven now.
I remember our conversations, our prayers for each other and our emails.
She left too soon. Born in 1960 and leaving in 2016.
God does know when we begin life and when we end it, but it seems so soon.
I have to trust that for some reason God wanted her to leave this place and move to a quieter more pleasant ‘scene’.
It is ok we can miss her from down here and we can wonder what it would have been like to have her stay.
Perhaps the best ‘peaceful place,’ is in heaven considering her struggle for the last four years.
Tomorrow morning we will drive to a church, sit in a pew bench, sing a few songs and remember, mourning is just for a short time.
Good bye my friend. I will miss you.