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I didn’t get to the word prompt last Friday as I was focusing on the Valentine theme week, so today I am sharing the word prompt.
The word they chose is: Limit
An easy word I think, we often get to the end of our ’emotional, or physical road’ and sense there is a limit to what we can or cannot do.
I certainly am noticing many things in the last year that has changed for me.
Stairs are not as easy to climb, I cannot lift heavy objects as easy.
There is a Limit to my tolerance for rude people or behavior. I used to be able to ignore them, now I want to express my opinion.
Life is too short for rudeness or disrespect from others. I set a limit on those kinds of people in my life.
As we move towards our retirement money will be set to a Limit. It will not be as easy to spend knowing that ‘this is it’, and the well can get dry.
As we get older we set a Limit on our choice of snacks and wrong foods because as I have learned from reading, we really do become what we consume.
There has to be a Limit of the ‘not so good’ choices and an increase of the good choices.
When our children were little we would take them to the beach or camping and we would set the perimeters around where they could play.
The boundary was placed and they were given limits, or places of confinement for their safety.
The same as when we had our ‘dog’s there were certain limits we gave them, as to where they could go.
Life is full of these kinds of decisions, no matter what age we are, there are rules of limit for us.
It is good. It is safe and peaceful.
God even said that in the garden of Eden when He told Adam and Eve, you can eat everything but NOT from this one tree.
Did they listen? no. Did they get the cause and effect of that bad decision? yes. And we do to when we don’t follow the rules.
It is good to have a limits within our boundary where we can stay safe and secure as we move through life.