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The word for the day is Yes. says: it is used as a strong expression of joy, pleasure or approval. Used also to express affirmation.
to express hesitation, uncertainty or curiosity as in yes?
I say let’s do a bit of stirring right now and challenge our thinking.
The word Yes can be both encouraging and positive and also discouraging and negative.
How can that be? well take for example a lab report.
Yes your cancer has returned. That is a negative… the other side of it could be, Yes your cancer report is negative. A positive (using the word yes) negative. Both are true and can be possible.
Yes you got news you are hired on the new job, it is true, this yes could be a negative if you must leave home and family or friends to take the job. A positive negative.
Yes your lab test is positive and because of that you must get life saving blood draws the rest of your life.
A positive negative. Reverse that and the negative eventually becomes a positive as you feel better.
Yes you were stopped by the officer because of a few ‘issues he saw while observing your driving’, the negative is a ticket from him.
A positive is his correction of you at the same time as getting a negative.
You said Yes, when he asked you to marry him, but it could also mean a life style change of name and or location.
A positive negative.
Life is always going to be filled with the word Yes and it’s various forms of meaning.
We can either reach out to it and accept it, or we can fight it and be discouraged.
I think we can choose to let Yes be a choice.
Yes I will receive all that it delivers to me.
Do you remember a time in your life when you had a positive negative at the same time?
It’s kind of confusing and I am hoping this little ‘writing’ makes sense.