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I was not home on Friday to do the writing, but I am now,
so let’s see what can happen in five minutes.
The word for the day is : Here
Dictionary. com says it means: in this place, in this spot. 
In this present life or existence; in this world.
We are here now, in this house we have purchased 20 years ago.
Someday we know we will move into something new, something easier to manage but for now.
This is our home.
But really home is where you make it.
Home is where you learn to live together.
In the good times and in the bad times.
In the healthy times and in the not so healthy times.
Memories shared ‘here’ together becomes part of our life long history.
We have many memories ‘here’ in this house that we call home where we have spent together with our grand children and their parents.
We have wonderful memories of meals shared, where laughter and stories were part of our meal time.
I know in my heart another home would be also a place for memories because a house is not our home.
We are here in this home right now, to pray for, to love on, to encourage and build up, to admonish and to challenge those who we love and hold tightly to.
HERE in this home. We do family. We do relationships. We do love.
And sometimes when our hearts get hurt and we don’t know the words or the feelings,
we fall on our knees and pray for those who we hold near our hearts.