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The word of the day is: Good
Today is considered Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified.
Why do we call it good?
Did a horrific death on a cross seem a good thing?
The suffering. The anguish. The intensive violence.
Good Friday? said Good Friday is the Friday before Easter; A Holy Day.
When I think of the Cross do I see something that is good?
It is painful. It is torturous. It is humiliating. It is deep sorrow.
It is anguish of spirit and soul on a wooden splinter filled board.
Yet when I look at the word good in the dictionary it means,
morally excellent, righteous, beneficent, kind, honorable, worthy and good standing.
Jesus on the cross… on good Friday.
Yes the cross is good because without the cross.
We would have no hope.
Without the cross the deep love of the Father could not be placed upon or within us.
Without the cross we would be lost.
Without the cross we would never understand, the compassionate ‘tender’ side of Jesus.
He chose because the Father said, “This is the only way.”
He relinquished his human thoughts and fears and went to the cross, knowing that the only way to salvation was a Savior.
I struggle with the word good today.
I reach deep within myself to understand the magnitude of His sacrifice and His suffering.
No one would ever do it again.
No one has to.
For unto us a Savior was born, and unto us a Savior died.
He came to save us and that is the proof of his deep deep love.