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When I think of this word I think of my own interpretation which is very simply called  ‘hug’.
Embracing another with a warm receptive hug either when saying hello or saying goodbye. says: to clasp or take in the arms ((hug))
to take or receive gladly or accept willingly
to allow oneself of an opportunity; to adopt a religion or belief
to take into the mind or eye; to encircle, surround or enclose
to include or to join.
This weekend I went to see my best friend and when we arrived we were met with hugs and welcome and ‘oh it’s so nice to see you.’
Embracing our friendship and our relationship as it has grown for many long years.
When we see a new baby we ‘hold our arms out’ to embrace the precious bundle.
When we leave a loved one we often ’embrace them’ as we say good bye and tell them it was so good to visit and see them.
It is a holding close to what is precious and valuable to us.
Family, friends, those who have meaning in our lives and in our hearts.
When I think of embrace I see a ‘oneness’ and a message that says:
We value each other.