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Continuing with with writing a letter to your teenage self:

As you grew confident in the church ‘youth singing group’ you would sing this song during most every concert.
They thought because you were 4 feet 10 and weighed under 90 pounds you fit the song very well.
The audiences loved your energy and your ability to entertain them.
You toured with the group about two years singing at assorted churches, youth events and even prisons.
You didn’t mind doing solo’s and even did a few duets.
You found purpose and a reason to get up in the morning when you found your voice.
You became engaged to be married during your senior year and you soon found out the wedding plans were not really your own. 
You relinquished the task to your mother and grandmother.
Your grandmother handmade your dress and you planned on keeping it for years as it was a keepsake.
At age 18 you were planning a high school graduation and also a wedding.
The colors would be fall colors, yes, you would have avocado green, fall oranges and yellows with a touch of white in your wedding.
The guys would wear yellow tuxedos and the girls would have dresses using the fall colors .
The flowers were fall mums and some roses mixed with greens.
You created your wedding announcement, thank you notes and rolled up scroll to hand out to the guests in your graphic arts class your senior year. 
You not only received all of them without cost you also received dual and triple A’s on your report card.
You were responsible for paying for your wedding so you had to make good inexpensive choices.
A family friend took your pictures and your ‘new’ mother in law made the cake.
At age 18 you stood between girlhood and womanhood.
Somewhere in the middle your childhood left.
You would find yourself soon walking down an aisle to a new and different life and another move.
As Karen and Richard Carpenter would sing, “we have only just begun”.
You would leave your old life to begin a new one 
only this time it would be a choice of the heart instead of a choice made by others.