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The blog world is writing about friendships this week.
It has made me step back and think of all the wonderful friends who have been in my life.
Some were for a season.
Like those who I see in my high school year book.
Don’t even remember half of them. They wrote wonderful things but my memory is dim and I cannot remember how they fit into my ‘life as a teen.’
Some were for a special event. My daughter does relay for life and through that she has made friends.
Some friendships are in your work place so long as you work there and then when you leave they leave too.
Some friendships are long term and like as in a marriage vow the unspoken words till death parts us is a way of saying,
“we will be friends always.”
One friend of mine I have known since junior high school.
I was in her wedding and she helped in mine.
Our children are grown with children of their own. At one point in time we even drove to Colorado from Oregon with a little baby in our car just so we could see them again.
It was a ‘real’ friendship from our heart to theirs. No distance could keep us apart.

A day at the fair.
New hair cut and glasses
don’t make the best picture of me
but she is always beautiful. 

My best friend is someone who lives down the street from me.
We see each other about once every few months now.
But it wasn’t always that way. About 9 years ago her husband died and being a widow and alone she missed having someone to talk to.
I cannot count how many Friday nights I spent at her house talking and sharing and eating a meal together. My husband knew if I was with her it might be a long night. I tried to go anytime she called me for I knew her heart was hurting and she needed a friend to listen.
Her story has a wonderful ending. She met an awesome man on a dating site and I even helped.
I am rightfully called ‘the matchmaker.’
They have been married for about two years and I am so happy that she found a new love and new family although it isn’t as easy to see her now. Sharing my time with him is the right thing to do as they need to build their love and life together. God blessed her for waiting and waiting for the right man to come into her life.
Sometimes good friends can even be family although that can have some challenging moments.
Husbands can be a best friend depending on how strong the marriage is. I still think we should have girlfriends in our lives for it is a different relationship than one with a husband.
Sisters can be wonderful friends depending on the family.
Friendships are gifts we can give ourselves.
In order to have a good friend we have to spend time strengthening that bond.
Just as in a marriage one cannot be strong if they are distant or distracted.
It takes time and effort to create a good friendship.
It takes a commitment and a willingness to give and give even more.
I hope we all can find a good friend in our life.
It is something very good for us.
I believe we were never meant to live this life alone.
To care for someone and think outside of ourselves is the best ‘gift’ we can give.
It is a treasure for a life time.