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The word prompt for this Friday is: Real
You write for five minutes with no editing and no over correcting.
Real: said real is something that is true, it actually exists.
This goes with my last blog writing about Jesus.
He was real from the moment in time before he was born as a baby, and then grew into the man he became at age thirty three when he was at the end of his ministry.
He was real. Not an imaginary figure that we talk about and read about in story books.
He was real. A savior. God’s Son.
He really did exist and it really was a special moment in time.
I think it brings me a lot of comfort to know he was who he said he was and the fact that he loved us, no matter how we treat him or disbelieve him. He loves with an open heart and mind.
I have been thinking a lot about friendships lately.
The real ones I have. I am by nature not a fake type person.
If you met me in ‘real time’ hopefully you would see me as I am.
There is no pretense or fake appearance. I am who I am.
I desire real friendships. Relationships who can be real with each other.
Also within that reality we might have to say something strong or truthful or even discerning, so that other person can realize, ‘this is an issue.’
Jesus did that. He told it like it was. He did not mince words or try to not hurt feelings.
He believed in the process of change and he loved to change lives as he saw they needed to be changed.
He was real and he was honest and he was compassionate.
The word for the day is real.
Let us do our best to do that and be that with each other.
When someone asks you,”how are you?” maybe today is the day
to finally say, “Not so good can you talk and pray with me?”