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The word was wait: and the directions are to write for five minutes without editing, then push publish.
It is an impromptu writing challenge.
Let’s begin.
Now that you have experienced some of the humorous parts of this blog, I will get back to serious writing soon.
If someone is not a writer it is hard to imagine the amount of energy it takes to write a ‘writing’ to the point of clarification and understanding to the reader.
I have never been a published writer but as time has moved on, my ability has grown and deepened.
The rules don’t always apply to my style of writing.
It is more from my heart. Or from what the Lord is sharing with me.
Wait is a great word for us right now.
My husband just had a knee replacement. He must wait for the leg to heal.
Impatience is not going to be helpful in this situation.
We have people we want to see and visit with and places we want to go explore.
But wait is the rule right now.
It is not as hard as it feels. says wait means:  to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as in until something happens.
To postpone or delay something, to continue as one expecting something, a period or interval of waiting.
It demands patience, lot’s of it.
It is important to slow down and let healing begin whether one is healing physically or emotionally.
If a hurt took place it takes a lot of time to heal that hurt.
On many levels.
To look forward eagerly means,
“I am waiting patiently for the day I can be whole and healthy again.”
Waiting means to serve or be in attendance.
I have waited on him because he could not do things for himself.
It is a growing learning process for both of us. To be patient and trust in the process.
The bible says: “they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they will mount up their wings as with eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint.
Teach me Lord, teach us Lord to wait.”