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On day fourteen of the writers challenge the word for us is brand.
He said every writer needs a brand that is recognizable for others to notice.
He said it is an impression or mental picture of who we are as a writer.
A brand is the most important thing we can use.
It tells the reader who we are and what kind of writing they will experience when reading our work.
Anyone knows that to be true.
Some people are known for poetry.
Some are known for their mystery writing style.
Others are known for deep prayer type of writing.
Each writer has a style and brand of writing that represents who they are.
If I see a certain symbol or code I know which reader is behind that writing.
It is very important.
His challenge was to create a name then be consistent and use it always.
Then to create an image and be consistent with that too.
Then to create a voice as in how you communicate with others and how you sound.
This is interesting to me.
A few years ago when the idea came to me about writing anything 
I felt the Lord was telling me to create a symbol for my writing.
Then the idea for a picture to represent the blog.
Then a name came after much prayer.
Then a style of the kind of writing the blog would present.
I have to say the style has changed from the beginning to now.
Writing is always a learning process.
The same as any other ‘hobby or interest’.
We improve with time and practice.
Have you figured out your brand yet?
When my sister made a handmade quilt for our dad she had the quilter put his ‘brand’ from his farming days
throughout the finished work. 
It was his brand and symbol we all knew and loved.
It represented ‘him’ and added a lot of meaning to the quilt.
Our writing is not too different than that.
We all have a special symbol that represents us.
Are we ready for the challenge to figure it out?