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Finding things as I pack and unpack is exciting for I am often amazed at things I have stored and missed.
Years ago in the year 1995 my husband and a team of ‘workers’ went to Mexico with young teenagers.
They went to build a house for a family, which actually was the size of a small storage shed in our way of living.
They drove and it was a much planned trip so there was little free time.
After many months I presented the team with a prayer.
This was actually the beginning of my many writings and the beginning of my ‘finding my gift’.
David the leader of the group who was going with my husband said, “you have a gift and YOU do need to use it.”
I miss him. He was killed a few years ago with his wife in a tragic car/bike accident. I would love to talk to him again.

The prayer: David read to the Mexico team
Day 6 March 23, 1995
Lord, our hearts are heavy today.
Just a short time ago we had this trip as a vision
A dream
An idea
And now we pack to leave we must say good bye – to go home.
You have brought us to this place for a reason – maybe many.
We have grown –
We have learned about the people around us – about each other and even about ourselves.
We have been challenged
Physically at times, spiritually – YES!!
And even emotionally.
Help us, Lord
To not forget the lessons we have learned.
The memory of this place.
Impress it upon our hearts
Help us to go home and let this not become just a story to share –
But let it be a story from our heart
It was from You –
Through You –
By You –
The reason we are here.
Yes, we worked hard.
We dreamed, we prayed – we sought out the resources, but it is only because You blessed it
That we are here.
We are torn, Lord –
We want to stay, to minister, to play, to reach out to those around us.
And we want to return – to families, showers and our own beds.
Lord, impress upon us as we leave that we have done all this, not through ourselves, but through you.
You have been here.
You have struggled with us.
We have learned so much.
Give us the desire now to leave with gladness of heart – knowing that someone’s life has been changed because we were here.
That is did matter – to one –
Guide us safely home.
May we find rest and peace.
Thank you Lord, for all that you have done this week – this trip – this moment.
In the blessed, Protective, Name of Jesus.
[It was the beginning of my writing.
Raw and received well.]