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Today is our first grand child’s birthday.
Faith Elizabeth was born eight weeks early.
It was an emergency situation, her mom was in crisis and the baby had to be born immediately.
The doctor told us she might be 3 pounds, and then he headed to the surgery room.
A while later after we had been waiting and praying he came through the doors again and said, “baby is fine but she is 2 pounds 11 oz and will be in Nicu until she is able to go home.”
I immediately cried.

Her first bed was a monitoring station in Neonatal Intensive care nursery where they monitor vitals and oxygen and warmth.
She never got jaundice which was amazing considering how tiny she was in Nicu.
She had Iv’s in her head for just a few days and then after an unsuccessful tube feeding she decided to start eating.
She never had to have oxygen as her lungs were strong and even though she was on monitor’s she never had a breathing problem.
Within a week she was released from one level of Nicu to the other not so critical Nicu.

She was like a little bird. So tiny and so fragile.
Yet also so very alert and precious.

On May 24, 15 years ago we became grandparents for the first time.
We have watched her grow into and become a beautiful, amazing young lady.
Ready for the world and ready for dreams and hopes and aspirations of life outside of highschool.
I often ask her, “what do you want to be when you grow up and become an adult?”
I am choosing to not show her ‘face’ as she is sensitive with her privacy and so am I.
Faith Elizabeth … we love you.
We pray for you… and we will always … always be here for you no matter what or where life takes you.
You have blessed us beyond our wildest imaginations.
You are beautiful. Smart. Funny. Kind and caring. Oh and very social.
You love God and your grandma.  :o)
You are very close to your mom and your family.
We are SO blessed to have you be our first born grand child.