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My favorite time of the year is fall. I love the colors of the trees, the coolness of the air, I love sweaters and boots.
We even got married in the fall, so we could enjoy the season and also get the discount for fall/winter.fall drive b
Soon the season will be here for hot teas, and soups. Raincoats and umbrella’s and flannel sheets.
I don’t so much like winter other than the Christmas season but fall…brings many warm feelings for me.
This November we will be married 43 years. As I look back and reminisce about all the years. It is good.
I am not much of a baker but I do love to create soups and sometimes chicken pot pies.
Oh I also remember making applesauce with my oldest grand daughter, she loved helping me out as we stood by the stove smelling apples and cinnamon.
Warm fuzzy memories hoping she will remember it too, as something special.
Oh and when the children were in school fall was always a beginning point of the new year.
They would get new clothes, shoes, notebooks and coats. So much newness and fun anticipation of what was to come for them.
Fall is always a time to decorate with colors of the season, I bring out leaves and flowers in oranges and browns changing the roses to leaves.
It is fun to rearrange and re-do the house. If only for a few months. I am anticipating a good fall season this year.
My husband is home now and we can travel or do nothing. It doesn’t matter what we choose since we are in our retirement.
A season of change is good.fall-pic-5
I hope for you a wonderful fall. A time for reflection and for taking the time to be ‘thankful’ as we begin to move in this ‘season of change.’