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I so often don’t understand life at times.
I trust in a God who walks beside me and I also trust in a God who loves me
deeply and without question.
I trust in His character because the word of God is true and believable.
He has remained faithful as the stories of old tells us over and over.
This I believe:
He allows hard times in our lives to give us opportunity to grow
to press on and to stretch and
to prove to ourselves that we can do it.
He allows life’s consequences to give us the answer no at times
so we can in turn trust him
deeper and with much more intensity.
He allows circumstances to challenge our inner character and strength
so we can have confidence and empowerment in ourselves.
Nothing we do or nothing that happens is by accident.
Yes at times we make bad mistakes because we didn’t think.
He allows that.
Just like a parent will allow a child to fall knowing full well that
we will be there to help them up
if they allow us.
God is just like that.
He is there waiting for us and He is reaching down to help us.
But we do have to ask.
Deliberate means:
carefully weighed or considered. careful or slow in deciding.
slow and unhurried movement.
to think carefully or attentively or consult formally.
Notice how many times it says ‘careful?’.
I often don’t understand all that takes place in our lives
but one thing I do know
God does not make errors.
He is always looking out for our best interest
even when we don’t understand or like the consequences sometimes.
Faith is trusting and having confidence in God
because we know His character.