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A new year ahead of us.
A time of change.
A time for new beginnings.
A time for new commitments or habits.
Eve… a Hebrew word meaning LIFE. ( also a threshold, verge or vigil)
The evening preceding something else.
Eve… the eve of a new year.
What will our year be like?
For us…
the last year brought many changes.
A death of a dearly loved mom,
death of relationships that shattered within the context of misunderstanding,
a birth of a beautiful grandson,
new thoughts processed about life and death and living and relationships.
A new year is ahead of us.
What will your new year be for you?
Will you allow change?
Will you allow new beginnings? 
Do you have old habits to break and new commitments to make?
On this eve of a new year…
what do you want for yourself and your family?
Are there new spiritual goals to meet?
Are there new plans and accomplishments you want to see fulfilled?
On this eve of a new year
I ask you …
What do you want to write
on your blank calendar or blank wipe on/wipe off board?

As a new one begins I pray this gives you something to think about.
(winter leaves picture)