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The other day while putting away the extra leaf in our dining room table I received a major sliver.
It hurt right away.
It ached yet I could not see it although I knew what had happened.
The tiny edge was visible but not removable.
I waited.
It has been over a week and it is sore but still not visible.
Not ready to show me it’s ugly self.
As I was driving to the store the idea or thought came to me.
Emotional healing is very similar to a nasty sliver.
It hurts really bad when it first happens.
Then it dies down until it is time for it to rise to the surface again and then we are faced with abundance of feelings as to how and what is this and why am I feeling this way and where is this coming from?
When my own healing happened it was slow.
It had to be.
I could not look at or tolerate what was rising to the surface.
It was hard waiting for the ‘pain’.
You can’t talk about something when you don’t see it or even feel it.
I knew the heaviness was there.
I knew the hurt was deep.
I couldn’t see or find the source.
Emotional healing is like that.
It is slow. It is painfully slow.
Very similar to a nasty sliver that can take weeks or months to come to the surface before it’s ready to be removed.
IF one tries to move it too soon the pain is more intense.
Emotional healing is the very same thing.
You cannot heal too early as it won’t be effective or powerful.
The sliver will come out soon I hope.
Just like the emotional pain that kept me waiting for so long.
When one is used to hiding, it is not safe or good to say what you are really feeling.
The sliver is hiding right now.
I know it is there but is not ready to be exposed.
When it is removed it will feel healed and restored to normal.
I just have to wait and be patient.