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Do you ever have those day or weeks that you feel down and discouraged and perhaps questioning hope?
This weekend I was feeling very tired and somewhat frustrated.
On a new medication for a bladder infection.
For those who understand this problem it is not so fun.
Then on Sunday I noticed my face becoming more round.
By Monday my face looked like a helium balloon with small slanty eyes.
Folks we have been here before.
I headed into the doctor and he was completely baffled and did a bunch of lab tests.
Today my face is very round.
I would show you the picture but I don’t want to scare you.
It looks exactly like the mumps I had two years ago.
In pain?
Trying to find something positive in this.
Lord God give me the strength to press on and learn whatever I am supposed to learn.
Help the doctor get the results back and help me to be calm and perhaps enjoy the sun in the yard as I plant flowers.
Even with a fat face.
I am on two different antibiotics now.
Just ending the antiviral drug for the shingles I had 4 weeks ago.
My body is under a major attack and my immune system needs an overhaul.
If you feel like praying I would welcome it.

(updated news: I am on prednisone now for the swelling)
Tests are non diffinitive waiting for the real ‘mumps’ test results.