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The graveside service is the final good bye
when someone leaves us.
It is a symbol of an ending to a life well lived.
A brass plate or stone tells the observer who is represented at the grave site as information is etched in scratched out letters.

Mom O’s service was yesterday afternoon in a picturesque military burial setting. The green grass and stormy weather set the mood as we drove through the rod iron gates decorated with flags and military emblems. Dad served time in wars and is eligible for military honors and because she shared his life she is able to be honored this way also other than the gun salute.
She might not have been in a war with combat and battles fought but the war she was in was just as honorable.
We met as a family each one of us representing sons or daughters or grand children who brought meaning to her life. We drove to the hillside where her temporary marker rested next to flowers bent with rain. We walked slowly as we protected our selves from the wind and blustery weather.
Dad stood shoulders bent as his oldest son and youngest son held his shaking unsteady frame up
as he wept for his bride of almost 61 years.
The reality of her death hit his heart hard as he read her name…date of birth and date of death.
Each of us stood in silence as the middle son… began to speak about her life… her love and her Lord.
We sang amazing grace our voices mixed with emotion as the pounding rain deafened our notes against the umbrella’s fold. Before we went to this resting place on the hill pea sized hail pounded the pavement and grass receptive to the force of nature.
Not too different than the forcing of a new life for him now.
We believe he will be alright. His heart along with ours will forever be changed because of our loss. She was mama…mom O…Grandma… grandma grandma as some would call her.
She was a wonderful example of a life well lived and respected by all who met her.
As we drove away in different cars we took with us memories of her stored in our hearts forever. We will miss you mom… till we meet again.