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Following up on yesterdays writing.

Around 16-18 years ago, my mom and dad remarried.
I can’t really remember what year it was.
We weren’t invited to the ‘wedding’.
It was a strange and bizarre moment for me.
I was fascinated by the fact, that old age would bring them around each other.
Also interested in why, they would actually want to live in the same house again.

They seem to be happy now.
She is in her late 70’s he is in his early 80’s.
Familiarity seemed to be the reason they reunited. ( says: the state of being familiar; friendly relationship; close acquaintance; intimacy)
Growing old alone is often a sad and empty place for seniors.
They knew each other, they had children and grand children together.
It was a natural choice for them.
It was a marriage out of convenience, and maybe a few other motives I won’t go into.

At least now with them being together.
I don’t have to wonder or worry about, where he is or whether he is alive or not.
I know where he lives and know how to find him.
I am not that close to either one of them. It is ok.
When we visit, it is a visit.
A slight tapping into a place in the past.

There have been many years of recovery and growth.
God is still working on my heart.

When I ask.
Why did all the suffering have to happen?
Just for them to reunite and be together in their old age?
There is no answer.
I just have to trust.

God is a God of restoration.

It can be a broken heart, or a broken marriage.
He restores what was broken and puts it back together in his time.
We just have to trust in the process.