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Tonight I went through my emails. I had 1493 emails. I think it is because growing up no one “cared” so in my adult life it is like throwing away a ‘letter’ from someone, a contact of relationship. Tonight I did a lot of deleting, an email is only that, it can be deleted, it cannot discount that you are a worthy, honorable trusting person. It was easy to press the button.. delete-delete-delete- I found power :o)

This was on my face book last night. I kept thinking about it as I woke up this morning.
What do we need to delete in our lives to make our journey more purposeful, more rewarding and more healing?
Dictionary. com said the definition of delete is : to strike out or remove (something written or printed); cancel; erase; expunge — “from away.”
So the question for us all; is what do we need to do, what action do we need to take, to remove or delete something that is not good for us. For example I used to really like to watch the CSI show, it was interesting. It was a detective and investigative type show which is what I like. But as I started watching it more and more I found myself repulsed by the violence. I would cover my eyes and say ‘oh I can’t watch that.’ So what was my purpose? I wanted to relax and watch a TV show. If I had to watch it with my eyes covered, it wasn’t good for me. So I stopped watching it. It was easy to delete what was not pleasing for my spirit, even though I liked the characters and the show. It wasn’t positive for me. It wasn’t good for my heart. It didn’t make me feel good.
So what do we all have in our lives, that we need to move away from us? some of us will have a hard time removing cable, or the Internet or (you fill in the blank). This can even mean a decision such as a new pattern of eating, or reading or even texting. All can be good. All have the potential to be bad. All have the potential to do harm. Do we want to keep something in our lives that can cause harm to our heart, our spirit and our soul.
I choose this year to purpose in my heart and give honor to my soul, to erase, cancel or remove what is not positive or good for me (or my family).
If I watch a TV show and it is violent, which is NOT what I like. What purpose is it for me to watch it. If I find I spend too much time on the Internet, I will ration my time. Purpose in my heart to spend equal time, that I would spend on the computer, with the Lord. Encouraging my spirit to grow and creating a save peaceful place inside.
When I was on the computer last night deleting emails, it was freeing. It was sad, but sad can be good. I have much to delete in my life and sometimes it can even mean, deleting a job that is not good for you. I did that a few months ago. I moved ‘away from’ the environment and it was good.
In the process of staying home I realized I had more to delete or remove. I tore into my closet and cleaned and purged what was not needed or wanted any more. It was a hard process for me. It was exhausting yet after it was done I felt empowered, just as I did when I hit the delete button. It was freeing.
Can we even move the idea more intimate, into our relationships with others? Deleting or removing the ‘friendship’ you hoped would always get better. Yet every time you are with them you feel down and discouraged. How can that be good for your heart and soul? Deleting the attitudes or words that can be harmful to us and to others. Deleting the idea that ‘my right’ my way must be heard.
Deleting or removing the idea that if I stay at this church they will finally see my ministry.
We have the power to remove what is taking too much space in our heads and in our lives. Just as I had to push the button, to remove emails taking too much computer space. We need to push the button of our heart and ask God what He would HE like us to remove today, this month, this year.
As we press forward to a new direction of wholeness and restoration. I hope you and I can delete, remove, push away things in our lives that are not good for us.
Lord help us to encourage one another in this process as we examine our lives. Help us to be open, willing and accepting of your vision for us. Give us wisdom to know what you would want and help us to take action to do it.