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I had minor surgery today. Guess who showed up without telling me? yes my hubby.
That is what I am talking about, support without ‘feeling I must’, support because I want to.
I am recovering. The doctor did great I asked him to numb it before he numbed it and it worked wonderful.
I felt nothing other than a few ‘little’ pokes that didn’t hurt.
Tonight I am feeling the tugging and pulling of stitches. Tomorrow might be worse as the numbing drug wears off.
It should be good and heal well and we will know the results in a few days.
But this is what I am talking about. Without planning or discussing he showed up.
I was supported because he worried and cared, and he couldn’t find me when the doctor’s office ran later, and I should have been home when he called me.
Isn’t that better than a bouquet of roses that you would throw away after a few days?
YES it’s a constant ‘knowing,’ we care for each other.
I didn’t expect him to come to the doctor’s office and when the nurse came to the room and said, “your husband is here, do you want him in the room?”
It was a nice surprise. He even watched the doctor do the biopsy.
I would not do that for him…I am not a medical type person and he does not want me on the floor.
Do you have a way to surprise someone you love and care for?
The challenge continues, do something out of the ‘normal’ and create a surprise.
If you don’t have a husband, find a good friend, child or co-worker, everyone needs and appreciates
a ‘I care for you moment’.