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Last weekend I had a hard few days.
My husband was gone from Friday to Sunday which left me alone.
Then my dad was admitted to intensive care in another state and it felt like things were becoming more difficult to handle again or at least out of my control.
Now that I am off the Popsicles that were SO refreshing as I was recovering from a fat face.
I have graduated to richer and better things.
Yes that is a bag of Hershey’s mini bars.
As the feeling of being alone sunk in and my lack of ability to make things change or become better for dad. I tried to think of what would ‘be yummy’ to snack on without totally breaking any kind of diet I would attempt to be on. When the store had 2 packages for $3.00 the opportunity was a huge leap for me. By nature sugar is not something that pulls me in as a relaxing food.
But chocolate at a good price? Who could pass it up?
Rationalization began to take place.
Reasoning began to knock away my arguments.
It is not too different than those dibs bite size ice cream pieces one or two won’t really hurt the diet too much. Really??
who am I kidding?
When the going gets rough chocolate always helps and generally wins no matter how many pounds or inches that have to be taken off.
Chocolate is a comfort food. (also a good glass of wine helps)

My first choice is usually Reese’s peanut butter cups or peanut m&m’s or bite sized licorice black and red. This felt to me like a safer choice since it would give me more self control since the bag was small and my typical snack is one or two small bars.
It has been pretty yummy and my favorite of the bunch is the deep chocolate.
My face is trying to break out of course since this is not a normal diet for me and my skin is rebelling.
But it is so worth it. I suggest when bad days come at you…
a krackle just might be what you need.
OR Have you ever tried Breyers heath bar ice cream?
Oh now THAT is a REAL treat.
I dare you or maybe just suggest that you try it this summer…
you won’t be sorry. You might even add a dab of fudge syrup on top.
This is a bit of confession for me and also
something to think about today.
Is it time for a snack??