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This turtle was given to me by someone when I was a little girl. I have kept him for a lot of years and he has survived many moves and many changes. I remember at one point in time I named him Herman. Why? who knows maybe from the Herman Hermit show? (they were a singing group in the 60’s)  When I first showed this to my grand daughter Faith she didn’t like him she said ‘who would give you a sad turtle?’ from a little girl that was a profound question because who would give a little person a sad turtle? The answer has never come I don’t know where he came from or who gave him to me just know he has always been here.

This little dolly is another ‘child hood’ collectible. She has never had any clothes on and she is always smiling the silly smile. Kind of reminds me of Lucy on Charlie Brown. I have no clue where she came from either just know she has been a part of ‘life’ for many years. I let the grand kids play with her since she is not really breakable. The little one I babysit loves to pack her around because she is small and easy to carry. 
I find it interesting that I would have a very sad turtle and a silly smiling doll. Kind of makes you wonder how ‘crazy making’ our lives were back then.
These are just a few of my ‘collectibles’ from the past. I am sure I will find more.
God is challenging me to ‘explore’ many things these days and as I continue the path to ‘de-cluttering’ I am sure more will surface. For now my turtle will go back in the bedroom and the dolly back in the toy box.
Do you have a special toy or book from childhood?
A special doll or teddy bear?
Just something to think about.