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As we have journeyed through the Christmas story we find it amazing how many characters represent the ‘story’.
We learned of Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph and the assorted angels who spoke to them.
The Shepherd’s and the wise me, Anna and Simeon who had waited all their lives to meet the Messiah.
We learned of the miracles surrounding each character chosen and appointed to be a part of the Christmas story.
Each were unique in the part they played within the birth of Jesus.
I don’t believe any were coincidental, each were orchestrated just as the continuation of the life of Jesus and the cast of characters who play it to the end.
Even the donkey who carried Mary to the manger scene had a role. A very important role.
To carry the mother of Christ Jesus was a role that was tremendous in this story.
When we sing, “Oh Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining,” even the skies played a role in the birth for we know the stars shone bright for all to see.
Nothing was without reason or importance.
It was all orchestrated and ordained, chosen by a God who loved the world so much.
I have always loved the song, “Mary did you know?” for it brings life and a question to the whole miraculous birth.
Did she fully know, could she fully know, she kissed the face of God?
Joseph found himself in a situation of life changing acceptance.
From that moment on, he would always be Joseph the earthly father of Jesus.
Mary has been known throughout history and portrayed in many ways as the mother of Jesus.
What a life changing and life altering situation for her, to start out as an unknown and finish as a name in history forever.
She had acceptance because of her faith and because she knew the ‘old story’ of a Messiah coming.
I do believe when Elizabeth confirmed her babies ‘reactions’ to Mary, she understood more of the power of the moments.
The Christmas story is full of prophecy, miracles and wonderment.
I pray that as you allow yourself to experience the story perhaps for the first time, your life will be changed too.
[God sent his son into the world so that all who believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life.]