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The other day as I was skimming my emails and face book
I stopped at a quote of John Eldredge.
It felt so profound to me I just had to write it down and do more thinking about it.
I have read it several times and each time I grasp a new meaning.

John said: Changes in our lives often bring grief and loss. May we embrace and mourn our changes today. Let us not refuse them and lose what God has in store for us.

Changes… none of us like them.
I certainly don’t my routine is pretty much the same day in and day out and my ‘diet’ often is too. The saying ‘creature of habit’ is me. Furniture stays the same year after year, decorations stay the same for each season with very little variations. It is security for me to know that ‘the same’ is here and now and in the room with me.
When something changes it does bring a sense of loss and perhaps grief.
Jobs can change. Friendships come and go. Relationships move in and out of surface talk and deep sharing depending on the time and season.
Children grow up to become adults.
Life is full of changes.
When he said, “Let us embrace and mourn” the picture of a huge hug and a weeping for the night comes to my mind… it is cleansing and restoring.
We say good bye to yesterdays pain and sorrow and we welcome today.
We learn to live in today and look forward to tomorrow. As John says “let us not refuse the changes ahead for us” we might be joyfully surprised by what God has planned.
Today may we live in the now and not worry about anything else.
May we welcome with open arms the changes that might be ahead for us and be willing to accept them even before they come. I pray that we will not miss the blessing that might be around the corner just waiting to be experienced because we refused to change.