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Changes in our lives often bring grief and loss.
May we embrace and mourn our changes today.
Let us not refuse them and loose what God has in store for us~
from John Eldredge a popular writer and speaker.

I am not one who likes change.
My house is normally the same and my friendships too.
Habits are generally the same over and over and food tastes too.
When a change happens it is hard.
I don’t generally adapt easy to it.
This last month we have dealt with my husbands surgery and visits to the emergency room and then the visits to the various doctors and the inconvenience of his one arm in a sling. I have had to do more and be more patient. It has been good but also hard to be patient and remember he is frustrated at his ‘change’ of situation.
It has been good for him to rest.
To allow the arm to restore itself. As his body recovers from the trauma that has happened.
I think the best thing we can do when these type of events take place is to EMBRACE them as John says. The energy it takes to deny or discount ‘the new’ situation is far worse than saying ‘ok I am not really liking this but I am resting in it.’
Change… is hard. Change is necessary.
Each season we see change. Leaves fall and go dormant, bulbs rest waiting to bloom.
It snowed last night and that change was pretty and white and also created inconvenience for many. The only real way to deal with change is to embrace it.
Then rest in the knowing that soon the new change will be transformed into something we find comfort in.
How do you adapt to change? do you embrace it or fight it?
It is a good question for us all.