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One word:
The blog world is revealing their ‘new words’ of the year.
I haven’t prayed about it much.
Usually a new word will arrive in my heart and make itself comfortable for the year.
This time nothing has come for me yet.
My husband gave me a word and it was meaningful and I am praying about it.
I will reveal it soon.
Last  year my husband said to me,
“I think your words for the year are release and surrender.”  
After hearing them in church it didn’t ring a ‘bell with me.’
Sounded hard and painful.
I didn’t like them.
So I chose instead the word Quiet.
Little did we know that word would have great impact on both of us.
In fact his words did also.
May and June brought us some life changing moments.
Release and surrender my will to a greater will and plan?
He lost his dad in March… isn’t that a release and surrendering?
My dad passed away in September… release and surrendering again?
Someone close to me decided they didn’t need my help anymore… release and surrendering again?
My very old sweet kitty passed away in September… release and surrendering again?
The word quiet ended up not being what I had thought.
Originally it had a total different meaning in my heart.
But God was showing me a new ‘message.’
As I listened I heard this: What if… you kept quiet.
Just listened and did not give advise.
Quiet is knowing when to say something and when to not say anything at all.
As in keeping your ‘mouth still’ and your opinions to oneself and let the ‘circumstances speak’ for themselves.
Consequences teach us especially if we have no one chirping opinions at us.
I find it amazing how these things work and play out in our lives.
Soon one word will come to me and I will reveal it and then the praying will begin.
God is so good at giving us just what we need.
I can’t wait to ‘put it in writing’ and picture form as I plan and reveal the change of words.