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Last night my husband made us a wonderful Irish whiskey flat iron steak dinner, baked potatoes with peas and little pearl onions. It was sweet and very good. He did it all by himself with his arm still in a sling and he even had the table set with a candle burning.
It was a wonderful Valentine treat.
Often times I tell him “I don’t want a card or gifts on Valentines day. It’s a day when Hallmark makes a ton of money and florist shops go crazy.”
I would rather have a simple evening together and a ‘surprise’ on another day when I ‘don’t feel good’ or when my heart is hurting or when I just need a bit of encouraging. Something nurturing for my heart and spirit not just ‘because it is the day to do it’ but because you want to lift my mood up a little. Thank you honey for a wonderful dinner and your surprise in planning it.
I appreciated it.