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I didn’t mention our vacation was called three days in a pup tent.
It was going to be an adventure for us all exploring places we had never been before as we were driving down to the southern Oregon coast.

BUT when the rain came…and the crows were loud … (the camp had large noisy crows that woke us all up in the early morning hours) and it was looking like a damp second night in a tent with sleeping bags and air mattresses.I asked if we could think of something more dry to stay in such as a motel. Although I am not by nature fond of hotel/motels. It sounded nicer than a wet ‘bed’. I didn’t complain just voiced an opinion that I was not thrilled with a tent that was wet and seeping into our sleeping ‘rooms.’
SO we all packed into the car and drove till we found a camper RV park with this cute little cabin. It slept 6 with a queen bed in the first room and two double bunks in the second room. No bathroom but a roof and a furnace was a nice addition.
Not too far from where this little home was located in the park they had a ‘nice wash room and shower area.’
So I continued on as a camper and felt warm and relaxed as we began our new day to explore.