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Today I had my husband in the Emergency room for the second time in two days.
The surgery was successful.
The arm is tight to his chest, he cannot move the shoulder for four weeks.
Problem number one began with a small rash.
As the days progressed from Mondays surgery to Thursday evening the rash went from small to very red and all over his left side, when he removed the ‘tape and bandages’ he was very red and rashy and it just didn’t look right. By 11:00 pm Thursday I said ‘I am not comfortable’ with you sleeping tonight and me not knowing what that rash will do as I sleep next to you.
The doctor in ER said it was from what they washed him with in surgery.
Go home and shower and wait till it goes away.
Today on Sunday it is not gone after using benadryl every four hours and it is more red and rashy and even on his face and looks like it is a sun burn that is peeling.
The ER visit today said he is allergic to the sling and its fabric. SO… we have him on more medications, he is still NOT supposed to move his arm and I think I need to just stop and breathe.
What a week.
Nothing spiritual tonight to share just ‘breathe in and breathe’ out and use your voice when you don’t feel like you are being listened to. I was not leaving that ER without something for him.
Will pray it all works now.