Select Page said: the state of having the bud’s open.
A flourishing healthy time of great beauty.
The five minute word challenge using the word bloom begins now.
I have heard the saying. “bloom where you are planted,”
but I think there must be more to that story.
Bloom is having the bud’s open.
I can see it as a physical ‘sense’ or a spiritual sense.
Open my eyes Lord, open the eyes of my heart so I may see you.
A time of great beauty would be to discover the majesty and power
of a loving heavenly Father with a faith that only comes by a trust that is small and yet so powerful.
Bloom: I think of a multi-layered rose with it’s tiny bud trying ever so slowly to open.
On my side bar the saying that says, “it was more painful to stay a bud, then to open.” Is so true.
When I held my heart tight and inward it was much more difficult to reach out to others.
I think to bloom where we are in our environments and our families is a wonderful, powerful thought.
The bud is different than the finished product.
In a spiritual sense. The old man is different than the new.
When one is baptized it has been said that the old man leaves and a new man begins.
Bloom, the state of having the bud to open where exposure can show the beauty that was hidden.
Where no one ever saw or experienced that beauty and/or the person in a spiritual sense who was deep inside.
A flourishing healthy time of great beauty.
I pray we all find that one day.