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to become friendly with someone after estrangement
or to re-establish friendly relations between two or more people.
That is the definition of reconciliation from

Have you ever been given a gift to your heart?
A REAL gift from the heart from someone with whom
you have had a wounded and confused and almost broken relationship with?
I am following up on the writing I did on January 30th.
I was in a relationship that was strained at the time.
Like a leg or arm that needed healing after a break
my heart needed time to repair itself.
My heart hurt very deeply and felt
My spirit in a cast recovering
from the shock and wound
given to me
by someone I cared for.

After much time
After much prayer
Deep prayer.
More prayer.
More distance.
And more time.

This person and I are healing our relationship.
We gave each other the gifts of our hearts and
we are pressing forward towards a new beginning with each other.
Some relationships have more value than others
and this one was very valuable to me.
It was important for us to do the ‘steps’
to make it healthy and new ~ 
different and restored.
The depth of the
the misunderstanding and
the words
were like huge boulders that stood in the way
of a clear chance of relationship building.
We remained blocked by chunks of rock that hurt the relationship.
A series of circumstances took place
and a phone call or two took place
and the realization that we missed each other
took place within our hearts
and it was good.
What was done
What was wrong
What was spoken out loud.
Was forgiven ~ Not forgotten ~ But forgiven.
Love can build a bridge if we allow it to heal
our hearts.
Love can build a bridge that crosses from one side of brokenness
to the other side of complete healing.
Love can build a bridge
like a safety shelter from the raging danger below.
There is danger all around us
if we don’t be careful.
Words hurt
Words break hearts.
Words also can heal and restore and renew
what was sacred and precious if given the opportunity to redeem oneself.
Love can bridge the wounded
so long as they are both willing to start from each side
and meet in the middle.
A middle ground is a gift between two people
who have been wounded and hurt and broken.
Moving towards being forever friends and forever healed and
forever caring for each others hearts.
We move slow
We move carefully
We realize this gift from the heart is a gift we cannot discount.
If we learn the lesson to heal and move forward and never do something
to hurt each other again.
Have you been given that chance by someone
to start over and begin new and fresh with a new ‘attitude and process’?
Do you need to?
Perhaps there is someone in your life who needs a bit of Grace given to them.
Just something to think about today.