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I have had a few moments lately where I have felt like
being strong was not something I wanted to do any more.
This new journey seems to be a bad dream that arrived
without an invitation.
We wait.
We pray.
We wait.
We worry.
We trust.
We pray more.
We acknowledge our lack of faith.
We acknowledge our strong faith.
Can it be done in the same breath?
We are tested and we want to deny news that could
change us forever.
Soon we will know what we are dealing with
what has to be done for healing to begin.
God is in control we know that.
Others tell me I am very strong so I must be.
Fear cannot come in like an uninvited guest and
ruin the peace we have tried to create.
This journey is one more path we must walk this year.
Praying that it will be a short path and over soon.