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On day eight of the writers challenge the word is build.
In it says: to establish, increase or strengthen.
to construct by joining parts or materials.
to increase or develop towards an intensity.
to prepare in stages.
Creating a blog is hard. 
It is taking thoughts and putting them into readable form then taking a risk when actually sharing those thoughts.
My original blog purpose was not to build a platform for readers.
It was personal shared only with a few who I trusted.
Yes I know having a blog requires one to build a reader list.
He said in his challenge today starting one is not the same as building one.
He said building your writing skill is hard.
It takes effort and work.
In the blogging world small bloggers are not as ‘noticed’ as large ones.
Being small is acceptable.
Staying small might not be depending on what the original purpose was when it was created.
The first thing he recommends is to make the effort.
The hard work of writing is just like anything else. 
It takes time and lot’s of practice to do a good job.
In other words, “get up and get to work”.
It is a job that requires your presence.
Create for yourself a day in and day out form of discipline.
Just like jogging is for the runner training for a marathon.
Writing every day is the beginning discipline for anyone who wants to go further in the process.
He said sometimes creativity doesn’t happen until one sits down and puts the thoughts into a form.
He also told us to take our writing seriously.
If we don’t no one else will. 
Our work deserves a start and finish timeline.
He challenged us to create something new then finish it.
Then he said to find a small hand full of faithful readers or friends who will be our core group.
Their purpose will be to give ideas on how to launch a book, a project, an article or series of articles.
They can stretch us in conversation over coffee or iced tea or even by email.
They need to challenge our weak places and strengthen our strong ones.
They need to be trusting enough that we can learn from them.
For instance I have posted a blog writing and then asked my husband later his opinion.
He will say “he liked it” or he will say “it wasn’t the best… you have done better”.
Having someone to help is critical to our development as a writer.
It is not enough to just write.
We need to begin to build our experience into something more than just a desire.
The question is how do we know when we are ready?